At House of Veils, we aim to simplify the veil size choice process for our brides with the use of both the standard length measurements and some handy hints and tips. Please note that the sizes listed below are measured from the top of the veil comb to the end of the veil fabric. 


24in / 60cm

The blusher is an optional second tier (also known as a two tier veil) which is traditionally designed to be worn over the face. Perfect for adding an element of romance at the alter. 



30in / 70.6cm

Our shortest veil length is a great option for brides who are looking for an easy to wear, yet stylish veil. 



43in / 109.3cm

One of our brides favourite veil lengths. This veil will compliment any style of dress and is perfect for brides who want to get the most out of their veil to keep the look lasting all day.



79in / 200.7cm

The Floor Length veil is designed to sit on the floor and is perfectly matched to a dress without a train. Some brides also find this length of veil a lot more manageable to wear throughout the day.  



97in / 246.4cm

Our most popular veil length is designed to sit on the train of the dress. The beauty of this length is that it can be matched to any style of dress. This length of veil also makes for great photography. 



114in / 289.6cm

The longest of our veil lengths. This length is designed to sit beyond the train of the dress therefore perfect for the bride who wants to create a statement and the firm believers in the phrase "go big or go home!"

Our Top Tips

When choosing your veil be mindful of the following:

  • Your Height - Your height can vary depending on whether you choose to wear heeled shoes or flats on your wedding day. 

  •  Your Hair - Your chosen hairstyle can also affect your veil placement.

The names given to describe a veil (i.e. elbow length) are to indicate typically where the end of the veil will fall. However no two people are exactly the same so we recommend using the measurements above and considering our tips to ensure that your veil will not be too long or short for you.